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Welcome to the Fam!

Dice Tower Gaming Convention. Photo Credit:

Conventions are a microcosm of fun, within the ecosystem of gaming. However, we will delve into that whole ecosystem another day.  I have been a gamer for at least the past 20 years, and for a little over the last five years, I have been the Assistant Director of The Dice Tower Con.  In addition to that, I am also the Director of theSUPguild and Prototype Con.  So as you can see, cons are something I know a lot about.  Today I want to focus on one of my favorite things about conventions: The Con Family.  Who are these people, and how do they jell with you in your habitat?

The people who make up your con family are awesome gamers not in your normal gaming group; they could live across the country or world from you.  You first met at a con, where you also met six hundred, a thousand, or fifteen hundred of yet unknown gaming friends.  But there were those few… Your con spouse, con “sista from anotha mista” and “brotha from anotha motha,” and even someone like your crazy cousin you only see at family gatherings.  Oh wait, that is your crazy cousin!  But it’s those special gamers that not only impacted your fun at the table, but your heart as well.

My daughter, Victoria, and game designer Richard Launius

Why is the con family important, and why should a first time attendee care about this aspect of a convention?  Because while we all come from different walks of life, we can bond over multi-colored tiles, blocks of wood, and cards in hand.  Community = Family.  Our amazing love of the hobby and the joy it brings us, bonds us together.  Board gaming helps us escape into a place where we are free to cure the world of disease, be a traitor, topple empires, and delve deeper into the many levels of our imagination, all while sitting across the table from other real people.  Being able to have and share these experiences make us family.  The con family.

Me with Patrick Siebert, from Just Got Played

Since cons are jam-packed into just a few days, saying goodbye to this amazing family at the end of con is like the last day of summer camp.  Sure you will Facebook with them, comment on gaming adventures, relive shared jokes during the year to keep you going, but it’s not enough.  As the time for con season approaches, your excitement level and anticipation grows.  This is especially true if you only get to see them once a year.  Seeing this extended family gives you a reason to try to squeeze in more cons and gaming events.  These are your “peeples”, the ones that help keep you coming back year after year.  The thrill of getting to experience new games with this very special group is simply CONtagious. With con season ramping up, I am missing my con family more and more.  Ya’ll know you who you are!

Dice Tower Gaming Convention. Photo Credit:

While I am writing this, I am DEEP into the countdown for Dice Tower Con.   As the days tick down, I will share info, updates, and behind the scenes details in future posts.  We will also be CONnecting with some amazing people in gaming… But that is all to come.  For now, I will wonder about whom I am going to meet and game with next, and who will become a new addition to my con family.  I hope to see ya’ll on the circuit this season!

Please feel free to comment below, and share a bit about your con family. 🙂

Until we CONnect again!



8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fam!

  1. That was a fun read through, thank you for starting to blog. It’s always those first few posts that are the hardest, but keep at it.

    I wish I could have been part of the con.


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