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Insane… Well maybe a little shy of, but almost there

So, it’s been a great month getting this blog started and getting to CONnect with some great new friends. The time until Dice Tower Con V is quickly closing in, and things have been crazy busy. Since I promised some behind the scenes glimpses into what all is going on in preparing for the con, I am squeezing in some time to dedicate this post to your first look behind the scenes . Let’s start with exhibitors, because HELLO, new games and stuff!


imagesCoolStuffInc. will be back again this year with awesome deals on games, ding and dent sales, and shipping specials to help get games back to your casa.

Meeple Source is going to have ways to pimp your games and adorable meeple themed items.

The Broken Token is joining us for the first time this year, and we are really excited to have them. They will help you better organize your games with custom inserts.

R&R Games will keep everyone laughing with their amazing party games, and winning over some more serious gamers with Mombasa.

8th-summit-final-218th Summit will be letting everyone be a Defender of the Last Stand in their DTC release of this game. Also, if Cthulhu is your deal, try and get a glance at Mythos Tales.

Common Man Games will be joining us again this year with a special DTC promo card.

Arcane Wonders is going to be having demos of the latest game in their Dice Tower Essentials line; along with plenty of Mage Wars.

This year you can “Czech” out the amazing publisher of Code Names at the Czech Games booth, along with other great titles.

Make sure you are ready to travel the world by stopping in at the Passport Game Studios booth.

Definitely branch out with some Kodama at the Action Phase Games booth, and see what things they have in the works.

logo_200x200Get colorful, and be a KING by stopping in at the Iello booth..

TMG will help you race against the clock in Bomb Squad, along with many of their other great titles.

Get summer going with MOW MONEY from Mayday Games along with all the sleeves you could possibly need for your collection.

You can be a Champion of Midgard or Adventure In! at the Grey Fox Games booth.  I have watched Adventure In! grow from just a concept, to a full fledged prototype, to playtesting… I am also in the game–you should really check it out!

Demos & Designers

Druid-City-Games-Logo-RetinaThe following companies are going to be having demo tables, so stop by and see what surprises they have in store for you: Portal Games, CMON (Cool Mini Or Not), Druid City Games, Foursight Games, Quick Simple Fun Games, Eagle-Gryphon, Robert Burke Games, and Jester’s Hand Publishing.

You can also expect to see the following designers out and about, and playing games around the con:

Get More Info or Check it Out

Richard Borg has offered to spend some one on one time with some flourishing designers.  If you are interested in this, there are 10 available slots, email

Also make sure if you are going to participate in the Prototype Event or the 5 Minute Pitch you must be register in advance.

We are also working again with F2Z Entertainment to host the Pandemic Survive Tournament.  As soon as details are finalized I will let everyone know.

This year in addition to the Designer Panel, we are adding the Publisher’s Corner and Kickstarter Chat.  The Corner will feature publishing company’s telling you what you can expect to see from them in the upcoming year and taking questions.  In the Kickstarter Chat,  you can get info on marketing, what it’s like to interact with a distributor after a Kickstarter, and what it’s like being a small publisher running a Kickstarter.

Merchandise has been ordered, the con book is coming together, we are trying to get more events on the schedule. Things are chugging along and I can’t wait to see everyone in, just barely, a month!!!!!!13348976_10205097934766953_402400433_n

What designers or exhibitors are you looking forward to seeing? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

Until we CONnect again!


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